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Hitting - Pitching - Catching

At Muggeo Baseball & Softball Training Center we are committed to helping our athletes reach their full potential
and accomplish any goals they put before themselves. From modern video and radar analysis to teaching the fundamentals of traditional baseball instruction, the coaches at the Muggeo Training Facility are fully dedicated to enhancing player performance one athlete at a time.  


- Individual, one-on-one instruction specialized to the individual
- Proper use of hips and lower Body 
- Hands staying inside the ball

- Dynamic balance from stance through finish 
- Optimized swing for bat speed, quickness and power 
- Understanding of how to hit to all fields
- Increased confidence gained from learning productive mechanics 


- Driveline certified instruction from lead pitching instructor Bob Muggeo

- Proper pitching mechanics

- The mental aspect of pitching

- Situational pitching

- Holding on runners, and pick off moves


- Receiving, Blocking, Throwing

- Proper footwork and stance

- Pitch calling and giving signs

- On field Communication with teammates

Additional Programs

- Team camps and clinics

- Coaches clinics

- Outdoor spring and summer camps

- Muggeo Cardinals Club baseball team

- Driveline Baseball  

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